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10|30|15 A couple of WAY overdue posts : NAS Pensacola and Seaside, FL
Keeping it simple with Kemper and Paul : Officers Club, NAS Pensacola
Mustin Beach O Club

Adrienne & Adam : Seaside, FL ... Such an amazing location
Seaside Chapel

10|01|15 Jessi & Joseph : McDonald Wedding
It is quite rare that last names fit together so well, but Jessi Mack and Joseph McDonald (#MackDonald) had an amazing wedding. So glad to have another wedding with the amazing Mack Family. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. More to come...

Makeup Artist : Maegan Mapoles
Fabulous Florist : Fiore of Pensacola
Partay Venue : The Great 511

08|14|15 Fell Family Peeper : DIY spot
Long overdue shoot for this crew. I have so much love and respect for this family. In case you don't know.... check Waterboyz/Single Fin Cafe for everything that you'll ever need in life.... (well, not sure if they have deodorant but that's relative). Thanks so much to Sean and Courtney for remaining to be so influential in the skate/surf/awesome family/amazing grub business.

08|10|15 Tanna & Monty : Navarre Wedding : 5.7.15
Just wanted to share this long overdue schnippette of this couple's wedding with ya. Can't help but just love the Love!!! So much fun.
Engagement Session : Tanna & Monty's Engagement Session

07|29|15 Ashley + Bobby : Engagement
Had a great time with these two last evening. Such an amazing couple! Looking forward to finishing up the photos. We started in downtown Pensacola finishing up at good ol' Fort Pickens. Beautiful night!









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