pinna get my mulch on.

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09|26|14 Tanna & Monty : Eng/Fam Sesh

09|23|14 Clare & Matt : Downtown + Easthill

09|22|14 Mariah & Michael : Ft. Pickens, Pensacola Beach
Super sweet couple. Can't wait for the wedding in March.

07|25|14 Rachel + Zach : Married

07|10|14 Amanda + Jake
In honor of this patriotic time of year (and, of course, our Blue Angels flying for the 1st time in a while here at home) I thought it would only be appropriate to share this little session we did just recently. We hit up the aviation museum for about three minutes before they closed, and shot outdoors at beautiful Pensacola Naval Air Station the remainder of the time. Congratulations Amanda and Jake!







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